Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul, Apostles

A Prayer for Priests, Bishops, Deacons,
Brothers, Sisters, Lay Ministers and Seminarians

Lord Jesus, hear our prayer for the spiritual renewal
of bishops, priests, deacons, brothers, sisters,
lay ministers and seminarians,
especially those of our own diocese.
We praise you for giving their ministry to the Church.
In these days, renew them with the gifts of Your Spirit.

You once opened the Holy Scriptures
to Your disciples when You walked on this earth.
Now renew Your ordained and chosen ones
with the truth and power of Your Word.

In the Eucharist, you gave Your disciples
renewed life and hope.
Nourish Your consecrated ones
with Your Own Body and Blood.
Help them to imitate in their lives
the death and resurrection they
celebrate around Your altar.

Give them enthusiasm for the Gospel,
zeal for the salvation of all people,
courage in leadership and
humility in service.

Give them Your love for one another
and for all their brothers and sisters in You.
For You love them, Lord Jesus
and we love and pray for them in Your Holy Name.