Saint Augustine of Hippo

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St. Augustine in His Study, by Sandro Botticelli, 1480

Love and Do What You Will

Prayer of Saint Augustine of Hippo (340-430 A.D.)

Therefore once for all this short command is given to you:
“Love and do what you will.”
If you keep silent, keep silent by love;
If you speak, speak by love;
If you correct, correct by love;
If you pardon, pardon by love;
Let love be rooted in you,
and from the root nothing but good can grow.

Saint Monica

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St. Augustine of Hippo and His Mother St. Monica, by Ary Scheffer, 1846

Prayer to Saint Monica,
Patroness of Mothers

Blessed Monica, mother of St. Augustine,
we give thanks to our Father in Heaven
Who looked with mercy upon your tears
over your wayward son.
His conversion and heroic sanctification
were the fruit of your prayers.
Dear St. Monica
we now ask you to pray with us
for all those sons and daughters
that have wandered away from God,
and to add your prayers to those of all mothers
who are worried over their children.
Pray also for us that,
following your example, we may,
in the company of our children,
one day enjoy the eternal vision
of our Father in Heaven.


Our Lady of Częstochowa

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Our Lady of Częstochowa

Prayer To Our Lady of Czestochowa

Holy Mother of Czestochowa,
Thou art full of grace,
goodness and mercy.
I consecrate to Thee all my thoughts,
words and actions,
my soul and body.
I beseech Thy blessings
and especially prayers for my salvation.
Today, I consecrate myself to Thee,
Good Mother,
totally, with body and soul
amid joy and sufferings to obtain
for myself and others
Thy blessings on this earth and
eternal life in Heaven.


Imprimatur: Cardinal O’ Boyle, Washington, DC