Saint Cecilia

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Das Spiel der Hl. Cäcilia von Engeln begleitet, by Simon Glücklich, 1886

Prayer to Saint Cecilia

Pray for us
that we make music
in our hearts to God
and manifest our love
for Him in our daily deeds.
In the Holy Name of Jesus
we pray.


The Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

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Presentation of the Virgin Mary at the Temple, by Tiziano Vecelli, 1534-1538

The Feast of the Presentation of Mary recalls the day in the life of Mary when her parents, Saints Joachim and Anne, presented her to the Lord in the Temple and dedicated her life to Him.

“Mary had already been chosen by God, preserved by a singular grace as a chosen vessel through whom the Incarnate Word would be given for the salvation of the whole world. However, the offering by her parents is a response to the invitation to join our free choice to God’s invitation. This exercise of freedom lies at the heart of discipleship, and is the inner core of every vocation, to cooperate with grace.”

By Deacon Keith Fournier, Published in Living Faith

Prayer for the Intercession
of the Blessed Virgin Mary

May we be assisted,
we beseech Thee, O Lord,
by the worshipful intercession
of Thy glorious Mother,
the ever-Virgin Mary; that we,
who have been enriched
by her perpetual blessings,
may be delivered from all dangers,
and through her loving kindness
made to be of one heart and mind:
Who livest and reignest
world without end.